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Travel Topics


Writing everything from city guides and local itineraries to travel essays, restaurant reviews, travel product round-ups, and anything else travel related. Special expertise: budget travel, gluten-free travel, & fit travel.

Fitness, Wellness, & Food Topics


Former personal trainer with emphasis on nutrition, Rita writes on anything health, wellness & fitness related. Healthy recipes, gluten-free recipes, fitness guides, and weight-loss program design as well.

Pet Care Topics


Former dog walker, life-long cat lover, former equestrian farm worker, Rita writes on various topics within the pet care industry including care topics, product reviews, and more.

Reviews on Books, Film, Theatre & Television


Long time theatre director/producer and actor, Rita reviews film, television, books, theatre and more.

Faith & Christianity Topics


Rita has been a Christian for many years and writes from her perspectives as a theological student, missionary, and long-time follower of Jesus Christ with moderate perspectives seeking truth rather than party or denominational association.

Jerrie Mock, aviation pioneer


As the granddaughter of Jerrie Mock, Rita has unique perspectives, information, and expertise on the aviation pioneer (first woman to fly around the world). Rita writes magazine, in-flight, and web content on Jerrie for a wide variety of publications.

Recently Published Articles


CNN Travel -- Jerrie Mock article

Narrative essay about my grandmother, Jerrie Mock, and her flight around the world.

Boldly Mental -- Personal Essay on Mental Health and Loss

 A deeply personal travel tale taking on the depths of loss and mental health for Boldly Mental.

Unanchor Travel -- Travel Itinerary for Chicago's Wicker Park

For a one-day itinerary style tour guide through an eclectic and unique neighborhood in Chicago, written for Unanchor Travel.

The Points Guys -- Jerrie Mock Article

Narrative essay sample written for The Points Guy. Story of Jerrie Mock's flight around the world in 1964, taking multiple world records.

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