4 Writing Prompts for Action/Adventure Tales

In continuing my series of short collections of writing prompts, I thought I’d venture into a genre I absolutely love reading – perhaps more than any other genre. Let’s see if my prompts live up to my own expectations!

4 Writing Prompts for Writing Wholesome Romance Fiction

If you’re a romantic at heart but don’t really want to write suggestive romance fiction, I’ve got a few writing prompts for you. Y’know…just in case you’ve hit a wall made of writer’s blocks. A love triangle between a travel writer, her editor, and the doctor who’s responsible to clear her for travel. Two animalContinue reading “4 Writing Prompts for Writing Wholesome Romance Fiction”

4 Cozy Mystery Writing Prompts

Obviously, the hardest part of writing a mystery is creating a believable and intriguing mystery to be solved. The same stories are told over and over again, wrapped in different packaging – so it can be tedious or challenging to come up with something new. So, I thought I’d offer some fun writing prompts inContinue reading “4 Cozy Mystery Writing Prompts”