5 Writing Prompts for Fantasy Stories

In my writing group lately, we’ve been using prompts and games to work on our craft each meeting. I thought I would create a few prompts in multiple genres this summer for fellow writers looking for a boost in creativity.

Underused Resources in the Writing World: Sensitivity Readers

Recently, I wrote a personal essay for Tor.com, involving sensitive topics. I’m well aware of the challenges of writing about sensitive issues like mental health and suicide – which are in this story. I’ve written on them many times before. I asked a friend who I know has understanding in these things. She carefully evaluatedContinue reading “Underused Resources in the Writing World: Sensitivity Readers”

The Unexpected Challenge of Writing for Publications

Thanks to the slower economy and chaos the world is in, I have had more time to write for publications, yet had fewer clients giving assignments. In one way, this has been great. I recently had two articles accepted at dream publications! With a third semi-dream pub in the works. But it does remind meContinue reading “The Unexpected Challenge of Writing for Publications”

How to Find New Angles on Your Stories

I have a big story in my life that deserves far more than a single article for a single outlet. This story has international significance, historical prowess, and huge equality importance. This is a story I have lived and studied all my life. But it’s still hard to find different angles on it. I thoughtContinue reading “How to Find New Angles on Your Stories”

A Good Time for Camp NaNoWriMo

This year, thanks to the lock-downs and quarantines, it seems like the perfect time to dedicate my April to doing another NaNo project. Especially as I have some big disappointments in my creative house right now.

You Know You’re a Writer When…

Here’s just a little fun, revamped and “restored” from my old writing blog that has been painfully neglected in recent years. You know you’re a writer when… …every other email in your inbox has the subject heading, “idea for book.”  And nothing is capitalized or punctuated because you didn’t have time for such frivolities beforeContinue reading “You Know You’re a Writer When…”