Of Angels and Earth

Erika stood at the edge of the tallest peak of the heavenly plane. Jets of celestial effluvium swirled around the angel as they breathed in the magnificent view, caught between their current home and the planet they awaited entry to. The beautiful being wore the finest garments of shimmering silver, red, green, yellow, blue, and a pearlescent white in honor of the many holidays being celebrated around the globe beneath their vision. Above, Mercury burned in distant quietude, though Erika could sense the silent thunder echoing throughout eternity and smell the sulphuric pops and rumbles of lava from the ever-raging volcanoes.

A Thousand Words a Day

Someone dropped several coins into her cup. She glanced up to nod her thanks, but the person had already passed. That suited Sam fine. She hated it when people wanted to talk. Thankfully, they rarely did…

Summer Recipe: Berry Bread

The other week, I made banana bread. My husband and I gobbled it down and kind of wanted more. So, I went to the freezer but discovered all the bananas were gone. I did have some frozen strawberries though, so I thought, why not?

Here’s the result of my little experiment – and it is absolutely delicious (and incredibly easy).

A Summery Non-Alcoholic Cocktail: Lime Berry Refresher

This past winter, while I was developing a fun cookbook for Ulysses Press, called Hogwarts for the Holidays, I had the pleasure of creating some fun drinks based on concepts from the popular book series. And that kind of lit something in me.

Now, I have fun creating all kinds of beverage concoctions – all non-alcoholic (since I don’t drink) but still fun and delicious. I avoid using added sugar for the most part as well, so that makes these great for anyone trying to drink something more exciting but low-calorie.

If You’re Struggling With Boredom, Try These Things

During social isolation times, it makes sense that more and more folks are having issues in this realm – at least if they’re still respecting social distancing guidelines and realize that the virus has not gone away and the numbers are still climbing around the world.

I’ve been passing along tips and trying to engage myself, so I thought I’d pass those ideas along to my readers.

4 Writing Prompts for Action/Adventure Tales

In continuing my series of short collections of writing prompts, I thought I’d venture into a genre I absolutely love reading – perhaps more than any other genre. Let’s see if my prompts live up to my own expectations!

Doing Your Own NaNoWriMo In Lock-Down

If you have a novel you NEED to write, but just don’t make the time for, I’d highly encourage you to participate in your own NaNoWriMo during the lock-downs or at least the official NaNoWriMo come this November.