When You Just Need Some Good News

I don’t have to tell you that the world is in a quagmire of chaos right now. But I might have to remind you that there are still good things going on in the world today in the midst of all this. I do a weekly post for a platform I contribute to, targeting trendingContinue reading “When You Just Need Some Good News”

DIY: Scalp-Soothing Homemade Shampoo

DIY isn’t really a hobby of mine – much as I’d love it to be – but I have been getting more and more into natural, homemade everything. Specifically, I’m eliminating shampoo because I have a very sensitive scalp. For about a year, I had a store-bought shampoo I could use, but it’s recently beenContinue reading “DIY: Scalp-Soothing Homemade Shampoo”

Why I Take Both a Morning and an Evening Walk Each Day

Even though I’m a runner who hits the gym most nights at about 8 or 9pm (or at least I did until lock-downs), I take walks twice daily whenever possible. When I first get up and right before the sun goes down, I’m out there, stalking through the snow or meandering a sun-kissed trail throughContinue reading “Why I Take Both a Morning and an Evening Walk Each Day”

From Stranger to Running Inspiration

In Memoriam of Elizabeth Lynn Glovier, my best friend and “bosom buddy” Anne of Green Gables was my favorite book series as a child. It might still be, actually. And though I’ve always had deep, beautiful friendships, I didn’t really understand the kind of friendship that Anne and Diana had – though I did longContinue reading “From Stranger to Running Inspiration”

Creating a Fairy Garden on My Balcony

Chicago weather seems to finally think it’s just possible that it could be spring. Yes. We’re late to the game. But we usually are. During the Stay-at-Home orders, a lot of us are finding different things we can do to keep creatively busy while still getting some fresh air and not exposing ourselves or ourContinue reading “Creating a Fairy Garden on My Balcony”

Underused Resources in the Writing World: Sensitivity Readers

Recently, I wrote a personal essay for Tor.com, involving sensitive topics. I’m well aware of the challenges of writing about sensitive issues like mental health and suicide – which are in this story. I’ve written on them many times before. I asked a friend who I know has understanding in these things. She carefully evaluatedContinue reading “Underused Resources in the Writing World: Sensitivity Readers”

The Unexpected Challenge of Writing for Publications

Thanks to the slower economy and chaos the world is in, I have had more time to write for publications, yet had fewer clients giving assignments. In one way, this has been great. I recently had two articles accepted at dream publications! With a third semi-dream pub in the works. But it does remind meContinue reading “The Unexpected Challenge of Writing for Publications”

This Day in History: My Grandmother Became the First Woman to Fly Solo Around the World

My grandmother, Jerrie Mock, was a courageous, spunky woman who didn’t much care for gender-bias. She did love to cook (she was a gourmet chef), but she hated dresses and she hated the idea that a woman couldn’t do whatever she put her mind to. On this day, 56 years ago (1964), she put thatContinue reading “This Day in History: My Grandmother Became the First Woman to Fly Solo Around the World”